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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Speed up your Office!

Is your MYOB access time getting slow? Do you have multiple database programs running on each of your computers? Do you need people to access work files from off site locations? If any of those are true, then a Terminal Server Computer may be the ultimate solution for you. A terminal server is a single computer running a software package that allows multiple, simultaneous remote connections. All information is processed on that single computer and the speed is much greater than VPN as the only information that is sent over the internet/network is, not that actual datafile, but just a virtual screen shot as if you were physically on that computer. This makes MYOB, Retail Manager or other database programs so much faster. Best of all, a terminal server can be setup on just about any computer (must have professional/ultimate/server version of Windows, and 2GB+ RAM), for under $400. For more information on setting up a Terminal Server, please contact us.