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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Which Anti-Virus?

There are many anti-virus programs on the market today, and some are available for free. Other promise excellent protection for a fee. So which should you choose?

In a home environment, we recommend AVG as it automatically updates and protects your PC in real time from any web or email-based virus attacks. However, it is free ONLY in a non-commercial environment.

For businesses, we recommend CA anti-virus, which is available in a 12 month 3PC pack for $50.

There are other more expensive programs that include firewall, spam protection etc. but the majority of people on ADSL connectionsa can configure their modem/router to block incomming hacking attempts. If you think that your computer may be infected with a virus, or wish to check your security against hackers, you can book a computer repair by contacting us at