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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cheap Hosting - Pros and Cons

There are many options for hosting your website, and some companies are offering extremely cheap deals, which include databases, email and even Google adwords coupons. So why stay with an Australian hosting provider? Here are some pros and cons

Overseas hosting is cheaper
More features included in their base products

Delays in access times (traffic has to be routed out of the country, then back in. This is a problem for local customers, especially if your target market is in Australia)
Delays in talking to a real person in your area (some companies setup instant messaging links overseas for technical support)
Downtime due to network outages (since the servers are many links away, there is a greater risk of an outage)

Our hosting packages are run from dedicated servers in Malaga, maintained by local people, working in our timezone. Really it boils down to this: is the sweetness of a cheap price worth the risk of delays and outages?