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Monday, May 30, 2011

Virus Alert: Old one still doing the rounds...

A fake virus has been doing the rounds for several years now. It goes under many names, but it incorporates "XP Anti-Virus", or "Vista Anti-Virus" in its name. It pops up repeatedly saying you are infected with many Trojans and other Malware, and prompts you to purchase the full version to remove these threats. All this does is collect your credit card details for unauthorised purchases!

Most anti-virus programs don't detect or remove it, but we have found one piece of software that does: Spyware Blaster! As this fake-virus infects your computer when you visit compromised web sites (via google searches etc.), Spyware Blaster blocks known sites from being accessed! This prevents these type of bugs from being installed at all! The link to Spyware Blaster is on our web site at